why do you feel like spencer is the twin? i started to wonder that also, but i'm not completely convinced with myself yet.

im just going off on the news that a big secret of spencer’s is going to be revealed (but it may have to do with ali’s disappearance), and i saw a thing with tammin sursok (jenna) talking about someone is going to be revealed to have a twin. the obvious choice would be ali but hopefully the writers are not going straight by the book.

i feel like it’s going to be spencer with the twin. 

4x14, 4x15. I just find it interesting that Aria is the one that made the connection when she wasn’t even there when the liars received that A message.

So how can Aria remember that?

 Also they didn’t show when they disclosed that message to her and so far this season is focusing on the liars keeping things from each other.  Emily didn’t even tell the other girls except for Spencer about meeting up with Ali. 

I don’t know if anyone else thought anything of this but I found this to be very tactful of Mona not saying that Hanna thought Ezra was the best. Perhaps it’s because she knows Hanna has the diary and maybe Ezra was in it? 

I feel like this is a hint that they may go the twin route. Mrs DiLaurentis could be trying to keep the twin’s death a secret and she seems oddly calm because she knows the real Alison is alive.

This is old but this was when Aria’s mom got attacked by the bees. This was right before it happened. It could just be me but Aria looks a bit sketch coming out of the car. Why is she looking back?


"You know what they say about hope. It breeds eternal misery.”


"You know what they say about hope. It breeds eternal misery.”

i think spencer’s secret that will be revealed in 4B would be that she’s known the whole time that alison is alive. that’s why everyone was trying to protect her from A.